The Daring WayTM Workshop


It has become very popular to talk about “authenticity” and “sharing your story” all the while we are experiencing a “not enough” epidemic.

“Not enough-ness” shows up as: perfectionism, overachieving, people pleasing, playing small, feeling stuck and hiding in our lives.

 Whether you are starting a new business, moving up the corporate ladder or searching to find your voice – there comes a time when life is going to grab you by your lapels and ask you to play bigger.

The Daring WayTM Workshop is highly experiential training based on the research of Dr. Bren Brown. The curriculum is designed to support individual transformation, as we explore the things that get in the way of us living an authentic life – one where we feel SUPPORTEDBRAVE, and PURPOSEFUL.

During the process we explore topics such as

trust, vulnerability, courage, self-compassion, shame and worthiness.


 This event is limited to 12 people

RSVP by March 1st

Cost: $300.

includes: workbook, lunch and snacks

  AWA+D Members are offered a $100. discount!


Date: March 16th   

Time: 9a.-5:30pm

Venue: The Collection Building

527 West 7th Street, DTLA – 12 th Floor

For more information and to RSVP please email: