AWA+D Salon

AWA+D Salon

May 20, 2013 7:00 pm

Home of Stephanie Reich

On April 30, we had a rich and engaging conversation about the challenges that women face in the architecture profession, including issues that face women and issues facing the profession as a whole. On Monday, May 20, we will discuss what we as a group (Salon, AWA +D) and individuals can do to assist young women coming up in the profession.

Issues discussed:

·       Attrition of women – many graduate but don’t proceed to licensure

·       Challenge of balancing career with home and other life aspects

·       Certain tasks are identified as “female” and are usually less desirable or respected

·       When women comment on others it is seen as personal rather than professional

·       Women still viewed as less technically oriented – when it comes to building or BIM technology

·       Men and women have different styles and values – men value competition, women value collaboration

·       Female employers have not been especially supportive of women working for them

Challenges for the profession:

·       Number of architects employed by architecture firms is down from 230,000 to 130,000

·       Schools and graduating students are plentiful while profession is narrowing

·       Profession has narrowed to a point where architects are no longer looked to to solve problems

·       Management courses in school would assist young architects as they start out

How can we help others?

·       Mentorship important – taking an interest and providing advice and support

·       Sponsorship is when a senior takes an interest in a person, knows their goals and pushes for you – a mentor with influence

Please RSVP by Friday May 17 to Stephanie Reich.

Refreshments provided – bring a beverage or small snack if you wish.