AWA+D Salon

AWA+D Salon

June 25, 2013 7:00 pm

Home of Stephanie Reich

On May 20, we had a rich and engaging conversation about the nature of the challenges facing women, and began a discussion of what we can do as individuals and as an organization. On Tuesday, June 25 we will complete our “Action Items” discussion.

Space is limited! RSVP to Stephanie Reich by Friday June 21.

Refreshments provided. Please feel free to bring a beverage or a healthy snack.

Some links for reference:

This article asks the question “why do women leave architecture?” (funded by the RIBA, research done by two women from the University of West England in Bristol)

And there’s a recent NY Times Op Ed “Why Gender Equality Stalled”that posits that since there is not enough support for two-parent households, childcare responsibilities invariably fall on the female half of the partnership. A compelling argument.

It’s also interesting to see where we’ve come from. To that end, there’s an amazing documentary on PBS called Makers: Women who Make America, a three-hour chronicle of the women’s movement, this being the 50th anniversary of The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan.