Salon Deux

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Salon Deux

January 28, 2015 6:30 pm

The home of Jillian Hensiek
Mid-Wilshire (near Miracle Mile)

TOPIC UPDATE: Gender Neutrality + Design // Restrooms

A misunderstood and often contested issue in our evolving social landscape, gender identity is something that affects all aspects of one’s life.  This extends far beyond sexual orientation and causes confusion in inevitable choices of the day, like: which restroom to use in public?  Much like ADA legislation to come before it, transgender issues as they relate to the built environment have become a question of civil rights access in a way that is already beginning to affect our industries.  At our first Salon Deux, we will explore why this is a relevant topic and the potential for design to offer an acceptable solution.

Interim Chief Operating Officer of Equality California, Laurie Hasencamp, will be there to introduce the topic and begin our discussion.  Laurie is also on the board of Equality California and on the Founders Council of the Williams Institute.

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One of AWA+D most popular and enduring program series for AWA+D members is the Salon, an informal discussion and debate forum for AWA+D members focusing on current topics that influence women in architecture, design and related fields.

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