AWA+D Salon

AWA+D Salon

October 23, 2012 7:00 pm

home of Stephanie Reich

In September we had a lively Salon, just the beginning of a discussion about the future of architecture. We looked at the August 2012 issue of Architect magazine as a point of departure. The issue was interesting for its graphics, timeline and content – everyone did not agree all was fabulous, but we all found it interesting.

Anne outlined several subtopics that we may group together:

1.     Technology, representation and BIM with changes in process and delivery, risks, consortiums

2.     Loss of tactility in process and product, together with looking at Pritzker Prize and Venice Biennale

3.     Pro bono work, unpaid internships with architecture as a civil right, ways of doing meaningful public work and ad-hoc interventions

4.     Collaboration, virtual offices, with community input

For October, let’s discuss technology, representation and BIM with changes in process and delivery, risks, consortiums. The week following last month’s Salon, Stephanie had an AIA/LA Board meeting where the issue of project delivery – and in particular the insertion of project managers as separate from architects – came up in discussion as a point of grave concern. There appears to be widespread interest in this topic, and the AIA Board may be looking at ways to impact this phenomenon and take back some of the territory that had previously been the architect’s responsibility.

Please join us!

Please RSVP by Friday July 20, 2012 to Stephanie Reich.

Refreshments provided – bring a beverage or small snack if you wish.