AWA+D is thrilled to be a part of the wikid: WOMEN. WIKIPEDIA. DESIGN. initiative, as we advance and support women in the allied fields of architecture and design. WikiD is an international education and advocacy program working to increase the number of Wikipedia articles on women in architecture and the built environment. The project includes running writing and editing workshops in Los Angeles, Melbourne, New York and Berlin and providing architecture-specific guides that build on existing resources. WikiD is a collaboration between AWA+DArchitexxeast of BorneoParlour (Australia) and n-ails (Germany).


TRUTH BE TOLD: HERSTORY, by Nina Briggs, Archivist AWA+D


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The WikiD Guides to Editing Wikipedia take new users through the key steps of writing and editing entries. These link to a wide range of existing resources, and addition resources are also listed on the Wikipedia project page. Also refer to the Architexx Instructions and Sara Stace’s short guide to creating your first article in Wikipedia.


This is covered in detail in Guide 2 of the WikiD Guides to Editing Wikipedia - see a quick outline below.

Suggested Topics:
We have a crowdsourced spreadsheet hat identifies possible subjects, references and resources. Please add your suggestions and indicate if you are able to write yourself. Please also encourage your colleages to participate. These names are also listed on the Wikiproject ‘subjects’ page.

We recommend that you start off with a straightforward topic – someone who clearly meets Wikipedia’s notability criteria, and for whom there are at least three good published references and resources. 

Start Small
Take on a small number of entries – writing Wikipedia entries involves time and effort, so it is better to do a couple well. If lots of people do one or two, we can make a real difference.

A successful pilot project was established by Architexx, WikiD: Women Wikipedia Design, which saw groups convene all over the world on Internatinal Women’s Day March 8, 2015 to write women architects into Wikipedia. Writing workshops were held in the United States, Australia, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. 50 new entries were contributed from the US, 23 from Australia and more from other countries. These entries were made by a small number of participants, most of whom were new to Wikipedia.

It generated significant interest among a much wider group, raising awareness in supporting an ongoing program to add women in the built environment to Wikipedia. This project was run using existing limited resources, and was conducted entirely with a volunteer work force.