AWA+D Study Resource Library

Save money and enjoy other benefits of membership when you join AWA+D. As a member, you can loan out books from our Study Resource Library. We have many titles that are on the CLARB recommended reading list. And this member benefit just got better - it's now a mail-order service! Here are the titles we have:

Site Planning and Design Handbook: Second Edition by Thomas Russ

Site Analysis by James A. LaGro

The Professional Practice of Landscape Architecture by Walter Rogers

The Living Landscape: Second Edition by Frederick Steiner

Design with Nature by Ian McHarg

The Sustainable Sites Handbook by Meg Calkins

Landscape Architectural Graphic Standards: Student Edition by Leonard J. Hopper

Site Engineering for Landscape Architects by Steven Strom

Construction Contracts by Jimmie Hinze

Time Save Standards for Landscape Architecture by Charles W. Harris and Nicholas Dines

Landscape Architect's Portable Handbook by Nicholas Dines and Kyle Brown

PPI/ballast study guide book

Mech & Electrical Equip for Buildings

Building Construction Illustrated

Handbook of Pro Practice

Architect's Studio Companion


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