The Association for Women in Architecture and Design is a Professional Society dedicated to supporting career and educational endeavors for women working in the built environment.

what we do

In addition to providing opportunities for networking, mentorship, innovative and informative programming and an array of critical professional resources to our members, we provide a unique way for women to connect with one another no matter where they are in their career and no matter which forms of design they are practicing or pursuing.

We welcome Professional Members from all design disciplines. We welcome Associate Members who support our goals and want to be an integral part of the conversation. We welcome Sponsors as partners of this organization, because their support furthers the reach and success of all women in design.  Be a Sponsor!

our mission

The Association for Women in Architecture and Design’s mission is to advance and support women in the allied fields of architecture and design. We encourage and foster high levels of achievement by providing educational programming, mentoring, and illuminating career opportunities for students and professionals in these fields. We cultivate awareness of the value and advancements created by our profession.

who we are

Our organization has a rich and proud history dating back almost one hundred years and our membership has included many renowned leaders in the design professions.

In early 1900 at the time of the organization’s founding, there was a profound need for women to organize themselves and help one another succeed in the male-dominated profession of architecture. Over the course of a century, and directly because of organizations that support women professionally, this need has shifted and evolved. While women represent nearly half of the student body graduating in architecture and design studies, they are still underrepresented in the work force. In this twenty-first century, there remains a strong need for women to fully utilize their innate skills while developing new ones, in order to thrive by becoming greater leaders and innovators. Our organization helps women in design connect with one another and with the people, products, and services they need to fully realize their professional goals.

The Association for Women in Architecture and Design is a 501(c)(6) not for profit organization. Your generous contribution enables our organization to deliver benefits to our members. Be a Sponsor!