AWA+D is a smaller, more personal, and more affordable professional organization within the design profession offering members a vehicle for greater connection to the design community and a greater voice as a woman within it.

WHY Join?

Membership in AWA+D provides discounted or free access to popular programs, events, and tours. Regularly scheduled programs offer members opportunities to tour significant, and sometimes rare buildings, participate in historic events, and hear speakers on contemporary topics relevant to women design professionals. Additionally, AWA+D’s access to other professionals and students is a gateway to a powerful network of connections that often leads to job opportunities, professional development and leadership training.


While many AWA+D members are architects, architecture itself has become a diverse field, and the membership reflects professionals and students interested in all areas of design. Members include Architects, Landscape Architects, Urban Planners, Engineers, Interior Designers, Environmental Consultants and Designers, Graphic Artists, and many others who support the goals of the Association.


AWA+D works to accommodate the needs and goals of students and emerging professionals as well as mid-career and senior leaders. Our membership levels include the following:

Professional Membership – individuals that hold a professional license, a professional degree, or have a minimum of four years of experience in architecture, design, or a related field of the built environment.

Professional + Premier – professional membership with enhanced online exposure in the AWA+D Membership Directory, including additional graphic and text fields for sharing information about you, your business and skills. 

Associate Membership - any individual that does not qualify as a Professional Member but who is interested in and supports the Association.

Pre-Professional – students currently enrolled in college courses, or professionals that hold a degree and have three years or less of experience in architecture, design, or a related field.

Group Membership – membership of three or more individuals from the same firm. For discounted rates and options for group membership levels, please contact our Membership Director.