About US

Established in 1997, the Association for Women in Architecture Foundation, Inc. (AWAF) is a tax-exempt charitable 501(c)(3) organization based in Los Angeles, California, dedicated to fostering educational and professional leadership opportunities for women in architecture and related fields.

Each year the AWAF celebrates some of the brightest emerging design talents by awarding merit-based scholarships to support these exceptional women in their continuing education. We also celebrate professional women in architecture and allied fields by awarding an annual Professional Development Fellowship to mid-career women with a minimum of 10 years in their profession.

AWAF Scholarships

For more information about AWAF Scholarships, please click here.

We offer cash awards to women students who are California residents or attending school in California, and who have completed at least 18 units in their major, in an accredited program granting a degree or certificate in one of the following majors:

Landscape Architecture
Urban Design and Planning
Interior Design
Environmental Design

AWAF Fellowships

For more information about AWAF Fellowships, please click here.

The fellowship provides the opportunity to facilitate research, study, writing and other forms of continued contribution to the profession. Professional Development Fellowship Award winners will present the results of their research at the annual awards event as well as provide a document, presentation, blog, media or alternate format representing the results of the topic.

Meet the Foundation Board

Virginia Tanzmann, President
Monica Rodriguez, Chief Financial Officer
Lisa Landworth, Secretary
Koje Shoraka
Mary Werk
Lisa Landworth
Joanne Jackson
Lise Bornstein
Jana Wehby
Christina Monti
Linda Daley

Ways to Give


Join us as a sponsor or donor as we work to grow a dedicated endowment that permanently funds both scholarships and fellowships. Corporations and individuals are encouraged to give through direct donations, named scholarships and bequests. Following are just a few of the tax-deductible gifts you can give:

Donating online – Online donations via PayPal can be made via this site’s DONATE button. Additionally, AWAF is listed as a participating charity on Amazon Smile, which can be found at

Donating via check – Checks can be made payable to Association for Women in Architecture Foundation and mailed directly to our office at 1315 Storm Parkway, Torrance, California 90501.

Named Scholarships – AWAF awards scholarships each year, and a donation of $2500 or more allows naming rights for an individual or company.

Estate giving – Providing a lasting legacy through a bequest in your will or living trust allows you to continue to use the property you will leave to charity during your life. Bequests have provided significant funding for AWAF scholarships to date, and offer tax savings for you and your estate. AWAF can provide the legal language for inclusion in a will.

Event sponsorship – AWAF events are fundraising opportunities. Of particular importance is the AWAF Annual Scholarship Fundraiser, held the first Saturday of every December.