Mid-career FEllowship

In 2014, the Association for Women in Architecture Foundation was honored to win a prestigious Southern California Development Forum Charity Award. With this generous prize, the AWAF is delighted to offer a Professional Development Fellowship. Targeting professional women in architecture and allied arts, the Professional Development Fellowship is geared to support and celebrate contributions and research by talented women throughout Southern California.

The recipient must use the funds to produce a work of professional consequence in their field such as: a book, a research article for a professional journal, arrange a public lecture or presentation of information related to their work, or organize a public panel discussion of a current subject of public interest. Research may be analytical or physical in nature, and candidates may suggest an alternate option. The result of the work must be completed within one year and presented in conjunction with the annual AWAF Awards event.


Applicants must meet the following qualifications to be eligible (see application for more specific information):

  • Applicants must be residents of Southern California

  • Applicants must have been practicing in the field of architecture or the allied arts for a minimum of 10 years.


Application deadline has been extended to April 12th!

2019 Fellowship Application

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